Exchange of good practices

in Italy


Field trip: the world of white Truffle.

  The filed trip was organized to consider the good case studies of white truffle cultivation and forest management. The first visit was organized to see how the plantation of white truffle works technically; the group was guided to two plots, which represented the two main stages of the plantation: the plantation and the mature stage. The season did not allow us to see how practically white truffle are collected, but the group could appreciate the explanation that allowed the leaseholder to manage the land with full property (the leaseholder is an association of truffle pickers).


Field trip: truffles cultivation in Bologna’s hills.

Where the group had an excursion inside a natural forest managed for white truffle. The leaseholder of the forest showed how the water streams are crucial to white truffle and they should be managed actively. Moreover, a forest cleaning is done to remove old trees and stimulate the growth of new target species like black and white poplar.


    Field trip: a company processing truffles.

  The brothers Luigi and Angelo Dattilo have always shared their love for nature, forests, mushrooms and truffle. This allowed the company, founded with the name Appennino Funghi e Tartufi, and then renamed Appennino Food Group Spa, to become a reference point in its sector. Passion is still the main ingredient, but there is so much more. Thirty-years’ experience of the Dattilo brothers ensures the choice of the best raw material and extreme care is then applied when the latter are handled. Most recent technologies guarantee safe, certified and traceable products, with an unforgettable intense aroma..

The company, from the owners to the employees, shares the same mission: mixing tradition and innovation, in order to present our specialities on your tables.

The owner of the company organized a guided visit to the processing unit describing the critical points of truffle processing, like product seasonality, control of potential contaminants and microbiological stabilization of the products.


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